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Marrying current tech with the admins skills that work to make your life easier, NimbusVA becomes part of your support team. The clever bit though, maybe you only need support for one particular task or project. We can do that. Or maybe you probably need half a day a week, again we can do that. Got a big project or event coming up so need more time for a little while, again we can do that. Endless possibilities to bring you the best solution.

Who we are & what we do

A team that marries modern technology with old fashioned secretarial and admin support. Bringing you the type of virtual support that you need, when you need it.

What do we do?

We have a long history of providing full administrative support for our clients.
Our work with one charitable client sees us working closely with the Trustees, ensuring the smooth running of the admin of the charity on a weekly and monthly basis. Additionally we provide full book-keeping and financial management support to fit a monthly and quarterly meeting cycle.
For others, we are the admin support for a team of field based technical managers. We answer phone calls, contact customers and make sure things happen when they are supposed to do. NimbusVA provides a cost effective solution for them, coping with variable workflows and at all times representing the client.

Running out of time?

Or simply have other things you would rather be doing? Ring us to discuss how NimbusVA can really make the difference to your work flow?

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An enthusiastic team of experienced administrators, combining traditional secretarial training and experience with the latest technology delivering a special level of support to our business clients.

Are you a small company that is slowly sinking under your inbox and demands on your time? Is your skill set crucial to your business, not having your time taken up on administrative tasks – actually you see admin only as a necessary evil you could really do without? Well help is available!

Are you a Non Exec Director or a Company Director who doesn’t need full time admin support but does need help getting better organised on a regular basis. Ring us to discuss how we can help bring you that support so you maintain your focus on your business.

Is your inbox out of control? Are you spending your weekends and evenings on admin tasks and still not getting on top of the work? You can’t get to do the areas of your job you enjoy and the business needs, as you just fight paperwork? Can’t get that proposal formatted to look professional because you don’t have the time?

You don’t want or need a full time assistant, in fact, you just want to have support as and when you need it. Well pick up the phone and speak to NimbusVA.

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